Creating your roadmap

I like to think of planning as a roadmap for the strategy behind one’s goals.  If you start planning without an overarching strategy to guide you along the journey, it will be difficult for you to execute your plans.  By setting your strategy first, it provides your plan with the necessary guardrails to be successful.


When you connect your plan to your strategy, you position yourself to succeed faster and with less stress.

Your plan helps you to implement the strategy.  It deepens:

  • The “How” – This is the technique that you will implement 
  • The “What” – What you are looking to accomplish
  • The “Why” – The motivation behind it all!

Let’s take budget planning for example.  Budget planning is my favorite in part because I have strong financial acumen.  I work in Corporate America in a financial role and enjoy numbers.  Money more so than number, but you get the point.  Not to mention, my family has some ambitious goals that will require financial investment and the highest level of financial freedom.

When I am preparing my budget plan, it is important for me to think of it as my roadmap. By following the steps outlined in my plan, I am positioned to reach my destination along the journey.  That destination is captured in my goals.

Planner Tips for Beginners

If you are new to planning, I encourage you to start by setting a foundation.  Start by planning your day and ensure you are as productive and organized as possible.

Here are 3 planner tips:

Tip #1: Find a planner that is going to fit your lifestyle

Tip #2: Don’t overthink your planning routine 

Tip #3: Identify what you want to plan for

Click the video below to hear more about these tip!

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Let me know in the comments how you leverage planning in your everyday life!


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