Have you ever created an elaborate planner spread full of glitz and glam only to end the week having late arrivals and incomplete task?

Yeah, I know this feeling all to well. In situations like this, it’s evident that I planned well but managed my time inefficiently.

Today’s topic is the difference between planning and time management, and there is a difference. We may trip ourselves up if we think they’re one in the same. They’re both important, but they’re not one and the same. 

You can be good at planning, but lack the ability to effectively manage your time.  I have many planners and I set aside time to plan my week.  I also plan my day with checklists. I love organizing my planner so I can see my goals, my accomplishments, and my kid’s schedule. Funny enough, my ability to plan does not necessarily dictate my ability to manage my time.


What’s the difference?

Planning is creating your road map and action plans to achieve a particular goal.

Time management is the ability to manage your time to get tasks completed.

It is important to understand your time commitments, to understand your plans, and to figure out how you can make the two things work together.  

One thing that I find with moms is that we typically wear a number of different hats.  Our responsibilities oftentimes compete with each other and create an interesting dynamic.  My encouragement to moms is to not only plan, but to create space in the day to execute upon the plans created. 

Do you really take the opportunity to look at your time, or are you simply planning?

– Debranetta

Both good, but they’re better together…

When you plan your day, it’s important to understand your goals and the required tasks needed to achieve your goals and how that fits into your available hours.

One way to make planning and time management work together is by following a time blocking technique.  This practice involves allocating timeframes to certain activities. This is a great way to structure your workday as well as your life overall. 

It’s most helpful for moms managing competing time commitments.  It enables you to create flow throughout your day. 

Stop being late…

Creating reminders are a great way to manage timelines.  I have missed many appointments and have been late numerous times because I did not set a reminder in my phone.  A sure way to avoid frustration is to set reminders or to check your to do list frequently throughout the day.  Trust me, I’m still a work in progress in this area but I’m happy to share my lessons learned.


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